Dealing With the Counter Left Hook

That is tough. Some guys are actually good at countering with the left hook and shifting their head and ft concurrently. They step again and fade away into security and also you turn out to be uncovered as you come in brief taking pictures. Even in case you have your arms up excessive you will get knocked off stability to the left if the man has some ‘umph’ on his hooks.

The higher guys are in a position to throw two and three counter left hooks in succession, and a whole lot of guys with counter left will time it together with your straight proper hand, they may carry their left shoulder to their chin and block your shot and hit you on the identical time. This can be a slick transfer that guys used to drag on me on a regular basis. I used to be in a position so as to add it to my very own sport as I obtained higher.

Take into consideration the left hook for a second, what’s open when your opponent throws it? Nicely, the complete left facet of his physique is open. The highest left facet of his head is open and technically his chin and the entire centre of his face is open up the center. For probably the most half you’re going to nail this man with the best hand, however on the identical time that’s precisely what he’s hoping you’ll throw, so that is the place the chess match ensues.

The left hook counter is a really secure counter when shifting backwards. Particularly for the taller outdoors fighter who counters with the left hook if you end up throwing. I’ve discovered three good normal methods to launch an assault towards a man who has a fascination with the counter left, the secret’s rhythm and timing. I will clarify every of them beneath.

1) Fast jab and an influence proper hand to the physique – Right here you are attempting to get your opponent to decide to a left hook by initiating the assault with a jab. You throw a fast jab, it does not matter if it lands, the secret’s to complete your jab earlier than he has completed the left hook and drop ranges to throw the best hand to his open physique, a pretend jab works nice, you are attempting to attract out your opponent. A psychological tactic in โปรแกรมมวยมันส์ is to make your opponent assume a method will work on you after which attempt to get him to throw that approach, and then you definately reply with the pure counter. In the event you perceive rhythm in boxing you will know that you simply stepping in to throw a full jab offers your opponent sufficient time to attach with a left hook. So you’re going to throw a fast jab/pretend jab whereas stepping with the left foot after which comply with with an enormous proper hand when your again foot catches up, it is the traditional one two combo. If he does not go on your bait and simply blocks, then GOOD, you simply comply with up with the left hook and different punches and step out if you end up executed, or hold inside if you’re inside fighter. If he swings with the left hook and you’ve got dropped properly then your proper hand will land, you’ll then step out to the best on an angle and begin up a second assault. This entire interplay ought to take about one second or much less.

2) Fast/pretend jab, slip head left, left hook after which straight proper hand – Just like the primary tactic, you need your opponent to throw the left hook, he loves it and thinks he is good with it, so let him assume it may work and take it away from him. On this combo you might be solely anticipating to land the straight proper, the remainder of the punches are only a arrange, that is the great thing about good boxing, the shot you plan to land is down the highway and out of sight, however precisely what you might be doing. So, you throw a fast jab to entice him to throw his hook, you slip left, after which come again into him with an enormous left hook after which **bamn** the straight proper. If you slip left his left hook ought to graze you and even make contact, however since you might be slipping in the identical route because the punch it would have little impact.

three) Double jab and straight proper – This isn’t your typical double jab and straight proper, you’re going to barrel down and drive by means of him and purpose your jab for his chest on the left facet, it is not as savvy as your traditional double jab and proper hand the place you stand tall. As a substitute you’re going to get a bit decrease, drop your chin deep into your chest, increase your arms further excessive nearly like you’re going to dive head first into this man. You wish to be further protected as a result of your purpose is to take his left hook off the best glove after which throw your proper simply after you are feeling it. If you go in with this you are attempting to be stable like a prepare on tracks, you wish to throw the jab at his left shoulder or left a part of his chest, it will open him up a bit for once you throw the best hand. He’ll throw his left hook and most probably two or three. After your double jabs join together with his chest/shoulder you’re going to throw that proper hand straight up the center. You might be basically going to stroll by means of the fireplace of his left hook in a compact place and throw the best hand after his left hook has fizzled out.

These three ways will permit you to take care of the counter left hook each time.

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